Bet and Wager 101: Sports Betting for Beginners

Sight on monitor with the teletext and betting offer of baseball matchups.

How to bet on sports and useful information

Are you new to the world of sports betting? Need some help cutting your teeth before getting into sports betting action?

You’ve come to the right place.

SportsBookWire’s betting and wagering 101 series is designed to give you the how-to information you need to know to make more educated bets. Before you can walk the walk, you’ll need to talk the talk. Use these handy reference sports betting pages to help build your knowledge base before making a sports bet.

Wager 101: Sports Betting Terms and Definitions

Common and not so common sports betting terms in the world of sports betting that you need to be familiar with. Do you know what “juice” is? How about what a “chalk” bet is? We’ve got your back.

Sports Betting and Wagers 101: Types of Bets

What’s an over/under bet? How about betting against the spread? We’ve got you covered on the most popular types of bets and what each type means.

Sports betting by State

Legal Colorado Sports Betting

Sports Betting and Wagers 101: What do odds lines mean in sports betting?

New to sports betting? You’re going to see a lot of things like -200, +137, etc. tied to sporting events. Here, we break down what those numbers mean to you.

Sports Bets ands Wagers 101: Important Sports Events (coming soon)

Want to have some action in some of the most popular sports events of the year? We’ve got you covered on a month-by-month basis in our important sports events of the year.

Wager 101: States you can legally place sports bets in (coming soon)

Wondering where you can place a legal sports bet? We break it down for you on a state-by-state basis.

Wager 101: March Madness and College Betting Strategy

Betting 101: Tips for rookie/new sports bettors

Wager 101: Baseball Betting Tips and Strategy

Betting 101: Horse Race Betting Tips and Strategy

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